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"As I ponder the experience of Melina's Live, Laugh, Love Tour of Thailand and Bali 2013, all I am reminded of is the Chinese Proverb: "When love and skill work together, you have a masterpiece." No words resonate more truthfully as Melina's skill as a first class tour leader, combined with her complete knowledge of the places we were taken, along with her infectious love for the people and cultures we visited, proved to create one helluva a masterpiece.  This is not a tour for those who want to hide on a bus and not participate, but for those who are seekers and want to experience and soak up the local color, culinary delights and welcome the opportunity to be exposed to an entirely new way of life and thinking.  It was the vacation, no I'll rephrase that, an experience of a lifetime.  From the minute you sign up every little detail is taken care of and living, laughing and loving is all there is to do. If you didn't think you were capable of such an experience, I dare you not to be changed once you go on tour with Melina. I have immediately signed up for her Greece 2013 tour in August.  If you've shunned and hated the thought of traveling with a tour in the past, as I have,  this is the company is for you.  You'll have one of the most exciting and interesting two weeks of your life and will bring back more than a few souvenirs, but a new spirit.  I dare you not to come back with a new spirit.  Thank you Melina, so looking forward to our next adventure! " Richard Vida, Manhattan, NY

"It is not often, or not often enough, that life leads us to the diamond in the rock but Melina Lillios is just that. I had the good fortune of choosing to participate in one of her tours, i.e., the Thailand/Bali 2013. It was clear she was mindful and thoughtful of giving her group the ultimate experiences within the confines of a great price. She had clearly done her homework and then some. Moreover, the people I had the opportunity to meet, that were part of the group - were some of the finest. It was a fascinating adventure - much enjoyed and highly recommended." Lesley Noble, Royal Oaks, CA

"Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to visit Greece, so getting to experience these beautiful mountainous islands with my family was the way to go. Live, Laugh, Love Tours made all of us feel like celebrities. This was a luxury tour, but on an affordable budget. Melina Lillios is a dear friend and a generous and attentive host. The other individuals we met on our tour are sincerely life long friends and made the trip even better.  Be open to experiencing Greece through each other's eyes…and know you all were joined together for a reason.  We can't wait to try another Live Laugh Love Tour !" Alison Maldonado and family, Honolulu, HI

"Melina was so accommodating to all who were on the Greece 2013 trip.
She is the most unique combination of laid-back yet super-energetic, highly organized yet non-militant and concerned/caring yet free-spirited.  She was equally attentive to everyone, answered all questions, addressed all needs and wishes  and made sure everything was checked off of our individual bucket lists.  The professional guides she used were awesome and I returned learning more than I anticipated.  It was really lovely having a group who instantly became an entity unto itself due to our main common shared experience.  The comfort of running into a friendly, familiar face just at the right time is priceless!  You were able to rely on each other at the most opportune times:  to ask where you can find  a close ATM, to hear where they just bought the most unique item or to borrow some suntan lotion because you forgot to take it with you that morning!  So many of us took advantage of our free time or felt comfortable breaking from the group, it made coming back together that much more special.  What a treat it was to hear of their adventures which were different from ours!

 This trip was the most educational, relaxing, seamless, stress-free, fun-filled two weeks I could hope for.  Did I mention it was in GREECE??  Daily, you would say to yourself or overhear someone say, “I am living in a post card!”  My only regret is that I have to wait to save up money until I can travel with Melina again. " Karen Ligammari, North Haven, CT

"If you ever want to see the world come do it with Melina
at Live Laugh Love Tours !
I promise she is the most well traveled person you will ever meet.
Melina has been in 13-14 countries THIS YEAR ALONE. You have all seen a few of my Greece pictures and can see what an amazing trip it was. We never would have known what to see if it weren't for her tour.
Melina, is an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL person that worked her ass off (with a smile) to make sure we were all happy, comfortable and having the best experience possible. I consider Melina a dear friend that I WILL see again very soon. You will not regret traveling with someone that knows each country you visit like the back of her hand! OPA!" Stephanie Delp, Austin, TX

“I am overwhelmed by the planning and care Melina put into our Greece tour this past summer to pull it off so seemingly effortlessly !

 Melina’s attention to ferry tickets, hotel reservations, and great guides was outstanding. And her uncanny ability to find and work with local vendors just made our tour all the more enjoyable. Who else knew about the Milos café on the water that would let you pick out your swimming fish and prepare it to perfection? Who else could go on a tour and have a fishing boat guide bring homemade wine and swim out to the Santorini mud baths and personally dish up “healing” mud for us all?  Who else could go on a boat tour where the catamaran operator made sandwiches, stopped for swimming, small boated us to a cave and grilled octopus and fished for us ?  

And yes , everywhere we went, we were welcomed like family thanks to you, Melina. The  wonderful rapport with everyone you work with was so apparent to all of us and made us always feel so at home wherever we were.
The greatest gift of the tour was meeting and getting to know the people attracted to Melina’s travel group.  Never have we traveled with kinder, more curious and educated travelers- all very fun-loving yet very respectful of one anothers’ privacy and interests. It was a great blending of souls on a vacation that turned into an affirmation of the goodness of strangers and the agelessness of friendships.. 

My new motto is :  “Life is Short ..Jump in !!”
Karen Hoffman, Portland, OR

"Words cannot express how I feel after this experience. This is a very fortunate opportunity for me and it's been very humbling to view the world in a very "raw" and "un-marketted" way.  Melina, you have a great gift in uniting people from all over the world. I wish the ignorant and the narrow-minded could spend the slightest time with you. You have pinched a travel bug onto me and I pray this wont be the last time I see you. Continue to travel and touch hearts around you..." Sarah Louxz. Atlantic City

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"What a wonderful taste you have provided for me of a continent not experienced before.So much insight, exploring, adventures, and food, food, food ! I have had a most magnificent time in both Thailand and Bali. Thank you for a wonderful job well done ! " Duane Boyer, Palm Springs

Travel to Bali with Live Laugh Love tours

"You are an amazing person and tour guide!  You have completed a tremendous amount of work getting all of us to, through, and from our many adventures and unforgettable experiences.  You have created a beautiful piece of art for each of us to take back to our homes. For this I am forever grateful." Carolyn Kopca, Portland

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"Ever wanted to go away on a dream vacation to Greece? My dear friend Melina is the best tour guide you can ever hope for! She took my group to Thailand and Bali last year, and is now going to Greece this summer. Had to share...She made a traveling dream come true for me last year, and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone else looking to explore new parts of the globe. " Paul Soluri, Honolulu, HI

Thailand Travel to Greece with Live Laugh Love tours

"I feel so fortunate to have had to opportunity to go on your Thailand/Bali adventure. You are the most amazing, adventurous, inspiring woman I have ever met with the biggest heart ! Your passion for everything just pours out. Thank you so much for our amazing adventure and for allowing me to meet some really fun and incredible people."  Karen Liliker, Honolulu, HI

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"Thank you so much ! These past 2 weeks have been the most amazing experience of my life (next to my baby brother ;) ). I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to travel with you and meet all these amazing people. This was my first time out of the country and I now I have the travel bug! This trip has opened my eyes to so many things and has inspired me to do so much more with my life. Words cannot really express how grateful I am or how this trip has changed me. Thank you for everything. You are amazing !"
Sharene Dunham, Honolulu,HI

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