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          Have a travel question ? Trying to plan a trip ? 
                          Wanna save some money ?

                                      Let me help !

Okay, so here's the deal...I would love to continue giving out free travel advice to everyone who needs it but in recent months, I have been experiencing a huge increase of daily emails requesting all sorts of travel information. Answering some of these emails often takes several hours a day.

In order for me to make you and your travel requests a priority, I am now charging a nominal fee of $35 for a half-hour of my time so I can better serve you and your travel needs and help you save lots of time and money planning for your travels.

My "countries of specialty" are Greece, Thailand, Bali, and Bhutan but I can also give you plenty of advice on other countries in Southeast Asia, as well as in Hawaii, my home for almost 30 years. So if you have any questions about traveling to any of these wonderful and exotic places, here is your chance to ask! 


                                  "life is short, travel hard..."