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Travel to Greece with Live Laugh Love tours

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Live Laugh Love Tours
is focused on providing high-quality travel services to select and exotic parts of the world. Currently our trips are focused on ThailandBaliBhutan and Greece. We provide both organized tours as well as individualized travel packages.

All our organized tours are 2-weeks long (with an option to extend) and in order to keep things personalized, no group is ever more than 10-15 people. And if you prefer to "do your own thing", our trips are perfect for you as there is always plenty of free time to relax and explore on your own . Whether you are single, a couple, or just a group of friends looking to join a fun adventure with other fellow world travelers, Live Laugh Love Tours is meant for you !

 With over 25 years of travel business experience, you can be rest-assured your trip will be the vacation getaway you have always dreamed about.

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And don't forget to check out our site links for our upcoming trips. Currently we have 2-week trip planned for Greece this coming August 21-September 7, 2016.

You won't want to miss out on this trip of a lifetime !


Just a few testimonials from our
Live Laugh Love customers :

“I could not be happier with my decision to Live, Laugh and Love with Melina’s tour. From the moment I cut my check, I didn’t worry about a thing as the communication was clear and thorough and every detail – from accommodations to activities to food to everything else – was well thought through and perfectly balanced, enabling us participants to sit back and just drink it all in. We all returned extraordinarily relaxed and enriched as a result. Melina is tops and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting a seamless, truly restful vacation.” Diane B.

Travel to Greece with Live Laugh Love tours

" I feel like I've just had a big dose of that beautiful 'One' energy. Thank you for that, Melina- you created the space for us, (strangers but now brothers and sisters) to do just that. It was an unforgettable tour. The Epic Thailand/Bali Adventure leaves me changed... and charmed. I am still lost in Ubud, and have never been more in love with life."  Sandra B

Travel to Bali with Live Laugh Love Tours

"Melina is the tour organizer and guide you want to set things up for you! She knows and LOVES the places she visits, has lots of insider experience and information, knows how to pace a trip. We covered a tremendous amount of world in a relatively short time, yet I never felt rushed. And There were plenty of activities to include myself in—or not. I loved the ‘of you choose’ aspect of the trip. Plenty to do and plenty of not-doing time and space as well. I would recommend this trip—or any LLL tour—to my friends and colleagues based on this one, extremely memorable, enjoyable journey! Thank you for everything Melina! We WILL travel together again!"
Rea Fox,Honolulu

Travel to Bali with Live Laugh Love Tours

Live Laugh Love Tours to Thailand Bali, southeast asia.